Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

A preview of what’s to come…

Now that the site is set up and running, here is a brief preview of what to expect on this site in the next few months. I expect things to progress in several general stages as follows:

– Research into optimal components for the primary FS computer (to run FSX)

– Parts sourcing and construction of primary FS computer

– Optimization of FSX on new primary computer

– Design of home-built cockpit panel concept

– Background work into designing the components of the cockpit panel

– Sourcing of parts and construction of the cockpit panel

As I do have a life outside of my flight simulation hobby ;-), I expect that these tasks will take a minimum of 4-5 months. The first two months or so will be spend primarily researching and planning for the primary computer to run FSX. Based on my current reading of comments on various forums and websites, it seems that one needs a small super-computer to run FSX at reasonable frame-rates and so the goal of this first phase will be to build a system that can tackle this beast without costing a total fortune. There will be much discussion to come on the subject, but the current aim is to use top-end (although not necessarily top-top-end) parts to build the system with a budget of under $3,000 all-inclusive. A tough task, so should be fun!

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  1. They are now working on Microsoft Flight which is expected to be released in 2011. It is mainly an improvement of graphics for the existing FSX and some weather fixes.

    Virtual Airlines
    Online ATC

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