Thursday, October 25th, 2007

FSX Acceleration Pack Released

IGN recently posted a review of the new FSX Acceleration Pack with Direct X-10 (link below). Overall it got a good review and the author reports good performance on a new system for all but the most intense scenery in populated areas. However, the exact system specs weren’t recorded so it’ s difficult to compare that finding with other FSX reviews.

In addition to the Direct X-10 upgrades, the expansion pack also contains several new missions and aircraft including a new helicopter and fighter jet. Personally, I’ve never really used the helicopters much in FS apart from using them to check out scenery. In general, I don’t think the helicopters are terribly popular in the overall Flight Sim community and thus it’s interesting that new, larger, helicopters are being introduced by Microsoft. I’m certainly not complaining, the more the better!, just wondering if future versions will continue branching out from the traditional airplanes.

Furthermore, the Acceleration Pack also represents the first standard release of a fighter jet in a FS package. Again, from a FS perspective I’ve never really been too interested in the fighter jets but it’s nice to see that range of available aircraft expanding.

I’m most keen to check out the improved graphics, but from the review it sounds like all round the Acceleration Pack represents a good update to FSX. At $17.99 (Circuit City’s current advertised price) it sounds like a steal!

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