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My plan for QX9650 Penryn + SLI issues…

Following on from some of my previous posts about the QX9650s not working with the motherboards required for SLI I’ve had to figure out what the plan should be for my upcoming FSX system build. At the moment there is still very little news regarding the status of 680i based boards and the QX9650s. There are lots of rumors that a BIOS update will be able to fix things, but then others who have said that even after such an update the 680i boards will only be compatible with 45 nm dual-core, not quad-core, chips. Furthermore, the now delayed 700 series boards should be fully compatible with all the new 45 nm chips, but there is no word yet on their official release.
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QX9650 and nVidia 680i Saga

Well, after yesterday’s post on the new QX9650 it seems like, for the moment, nVidia SLI users can’t have their cake and eat it too! Shortly after the release of the QX9650, forums started receiving angry postings from users that just shelled out mega-bucks for a new processor only to find that, after installation, their system won’t even boot up. Subsequent investigations have found that the QX9650 isn’t currently compatible with the 680i based motherboards. Although the pre-release versions of the QX9650, those reviewed by many sites, worked on the 680i boards it appears that a few last second changes by Intel are preventing the new chips from working. There is much speculation, but the issue is allegedly related to a dispute between nVidia and Intel over obtaining an SLI license for Intel motherboards.
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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 (45 nm Technology) and FSX

I haven’t posted in a while as I’ve been busy with other work; however, I expect the rate of posts will increase a lot once I build the new computer towards the end of December.

Anyway, I spent a little time today researching processors for the new system. As mentioned in a previous post there is a lot of dicussion about how FSX is a very processor heavy application and how therefore a kick-ass processor is required just as much as a kick-ass video card. Intel has just recently brought forward their first chips manufactured with 45 nm technology. The QX9650 is part of the Intel Core 2 Extreme line of quad-core processors (currently listed on for $1,295). Yes, that’s right… for the price of just a single chip you could purchase several complete low-end systems. So does the performance of the QX9650 cure the symptoms of sticker-shock and specifically how does it handle FSX? Those are the questions I’m asking now before I decide if I should shell out the big bucks for this state-of-the-art monster or go with something a bit cheaper.
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