Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

QX9650 and nVidia 680i Saga

Well, after yesterday’s post on the new QX9650 it seems like, for the moment, nVidia SLI users can’t have their cake and eat it too! Shortly after the release of the QX9650, forums started receiving angry postings from users that just shelled out mega-bucks for a new processor only to find that, after installation, their system won’t even boot up. Subsequent investigations have found that the QX9650 isn’t currently compatible with the 680i based motherboards. Although the pre-release versions of the QX9650, those reviewed by many sites, worked on the 680i boards it appears that a few last second changes by Intel are preventing the new chips from working. There is much speculation, but the issue is allegedly related to a dispute between nVidia and Intel over obtaining an SLI license for Intel motherboards.

For the moment, this means that one can’t really have a kick-ass system with SLI dual 8800 Ultras and the new QX9650. Boo hiss indeed! It’s particularly unfortunate that these issues seem to have been first publicly disclosed by consumers that bought the new technology and not the chip or motherboard manufacturers. There has been some talk of BIOS updates for the 680i boards; however, it’s not yet clear if this will fix the problem for all the new Intel chips.

This issue continues to develop and is obviously something that I’ll be tracking closely over the next several weeks as I finalize the components for my new FSX computer. I’d love to integrate the QX9650 into such a system with dual 8800 Ultras, but if the current nonsense can’t be sorted out soon then the QX9650 might just be the worlds most expensive paperweight for SLI fans.

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  1. Update: Additional reports are now indicating that the QX9650 will be supported on the new Nforce 780i motherboard chipset. The 780i was originally scheduled for release in mid-November however the project has been delayed following the previously cited problems with the new Intel 45 nm chips. is reporting that the updated 780i should see a limited release in mid-December with a large scale roll-out in January. Again, I’ll be monitoring this situation closely as I’d really like to integrate the QX9650 with dual 8800 Ultras for my FSX system with a build date for mid-December so it could be close! I suppose these delays and annoyances come with the territory when trying to build a state-of-the-art system.

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