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Home (Desktop)Cockpit Construction Begins…

There has been progress in a number of areas with the project.   For one, I recently started building the desktop simulator cockpit.  I’m looking forward to not having to use the keyboard for most controls!  The goal of this build is to construct a ‘cockpit’ that can be moved onto my desktop for use with FSX.  It needs to be big enough to contain realistic looking displays and controls, but not so big that it’s obnoxious and can move it away when I use my desktop computer for other things. The general layout is based on the Boeing 737-800, although I’m not trying to make an exact replica and am making some changes as needed to suit the project as needed.  There will be a very abbreviated overhead panel (lights, seatbelts and basic engine controls) that will attach to the main structure although the layout of this is still being designed. 

Another major goal is to keep costs to a minimum and recycle old bits from around the house as much as possible.  I’m happy to incorporate some old computers I had lying around into running the display panels.  Those displays, by the way, will be running FsClient and FsXPand from Flyware Simulation.   
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FSX Computer Parts Arrived and Assembled…

The previously described parts have arrived and were assembled without too many problems.  When I powered it up for the first time all the LEDs and fans came on, but nothing else happened.  After taking it all apart and putting it back together again, I discovered that it was just a loose connection somewhere (it only takes one!).  A quick 3DMark06 run scored over 15,000 so I was happy with that for a first shot without any tweaking. I’ll post more comments and details of it’s specific performance with FSX in the near future.  Also, I’ve been working on laying out the design for my new (no keyboard) external cockpit control panel so stay tuned for more details soon.

Building a FSX Computer – The Parts Have Been Ordered

Well, after spending about two months off and on researching components for my system, I’ve place the orders and should have things set up in about a week or so. I came in slightly over my budget but not by much. To summarize, my goal was to build a high-end (although not necessarily crazy lets go overboard super-duper-high-end) system for running FSX.

These are my comments pre-build for why I selected the various components. In a few weeks, I’ll come back with some follow-up comments about each component once the system is up and running and I have a chance to test things out. I will, of course, also start reporting on the level of performance achieved by this new system with FSX.

Anyway, here’s the parts list:

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nVidia 8800 Ultra (SLI) or 8800 GTX (SLI) for FSX

As described in recent posts, I’ve now decided to go with the Intel QX6850 for my new FSX system (currently ~$989 on This is currently the most powerful processor on the market that will work with an SLI system. I’m planning on ordering all the parts in the next week or so and thus I also need to decide what SLI card to order.

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