Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Microsoft apparently pulls the plug on Flight Simulator… shutting down Aces studios

It appears that Microsoft has decided to close a major gaming division and as a result pull the plug on its longest standing Windows product – Microsoft Flight Simulator. Flight Simulator has been part of Microsoft’s software lineup since 1982!

Although the exact fate of the Flight Simulator brand is unclear (it could be carried on under a different franchise), it’s obvious that these recent decisions mean we shouldn’t expect any new FS software anytime soon.

Although FS, like most Microsoft software, certainly had it’s issues, there’s no question that the FS community has an amazing fan base that not only enjoys using the software but also developing new add-ons and creative ways to use the program. This base certainly isn’t going away and it will be interesting to see what the future of FS software holds (maybe we’ll see far more user generated programs and content).

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One Comment on “Microsoft apparently pulls the plug on Flight Simulator… shutting down Aces studios”

  1. Yes this is unfortunately the case, however Microsoft has also just recemtly announced that it has started working on Microsoft Flight, which is basically FS version 11. They plan on making it available some time in the year 2011.

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