Monday, January 26th, 2009

FSX Animation of the US Airways Flight 1549 Landing in NYC’s Hudson River

For an HD version, use this link and select ‘Watch in HD.’

I had wanted to put this together a bit earlier, but have been traveling and without access to my FSX computer… as they say, better late than never.

Anyway, I spliced the above FSX footage together to reenact the amazing events that took place above and around New York City on the afternoon of Friday January 16, 2009. By now, most everyone is familiar with what happened, but if by some chance you’re not:

A US Airways A320 departed New York City’s La Guardia Airport on what was supposed to be a routine flight to North Carolina. A few minutes after takeoff, somewhere over the Bronx, the jet slammed into a flock of large birds causing crippling damage to BOTH jet engines.

The pilot’s initial plan was to circle back for an emergency landing at La Guardia or continue across the Hudson towards an airport in New Jersey. However, within seconds it became clear that neither of these locations would work. The jet was totally without propulsion power and losing altitude fast.

Ditching on the ground was simply not an option as the crippled jet was flying directly over one of the most populated cities on earth. The only available option was to crash land the A320 directly into the Hudson river. The above animation highlights what this sequence of events might have looked like if it were filmed ‘action movie style.’

I’ve not attempted to create an NTSB standard recreation, but have simply used the publicly available information regarding flight paths to put the sequence together.

Not only did Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s action’s save all 155 persons on-board, but potentially scores of other individuals that were, unknowingly, in danger on the New York City streets below.

This video is dedicated to Captain Chesley Sullenberger and the crew of flight 1549 for their heroic efforts in turning this potential tragedy into a truly amazing story.

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  1. That is an amazing video of the A320 in FSX, what kind of video card are you using, I cannot seem to get those kinds of graphics even using a nVidia 512MB card.

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