About This Site

The primary purpose of this website is to document the thoughts and experiences of a typical flight simulation ‘enthusiast.’ I am currently working on building a consumer grade recreational flight simulator using a combination of off-the-shelf equipment / software and my own custom build devices.

Although I consider myself to be beyond just a casual flight simmer, I’m not an expert. Furthermore I’m not (yet) attempting to build a detailed ‘professional grade’ simulator accurate in every detail. There are some amazing, and very realistic, home-built simulators out there; however, this is also well beyond the commitment and time / money investment that most flight simmers are interested in. This project is focused on taking consumer flight simulation to the ‘next level’ without requiring a massive level of investment. As such, I hope others will find the developing information posted on this site to be interesting and useful.

Almost everything I know about computer hardware, software and flight simulators is from volunteered information published on the internet and as such my primary aim is contribute to this wealth of free information.

Since this is all just a hobby for my free time, when I have some, I don’t have a regular schedule for posting and just pop something up when I notice something interesting that I think may be of interest or assistance to others. I might post several days in a row and then not again for several weeks (don’t worry I haven’t lost interest I’m just probably busy with other things).

Comments and suggestions are, of course, always welcomed! Thanks for the comments I’ve received thus far both on this site and my YouTube videos.

— Nick