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nVidia Drivers for Vista-64 and FSX Crashing (BSOD)

Well during some of the gap since I last posted an entry I’ve been literally pulling my hair out over the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with FSX in Vista-64. In short, I was experience constant random crashes with FSX (and several other games) leading to the BSOD. These crashes would occur without warning and at seemingly random intervals. Vista was generally useless when it came to diagnosing or fixing the problem simply, occasionally, stating that it was a problem with the “graphics driver.”

Obviously this leads to a totally useless situation when it comes to FSX since about 50% of the time my system would crash in the middle of a flight (talk about frustrating! 😉 ). My system is essentially state-of-the-art so there should be no issues with components not being able to handle the rigors of FSX (see previous entries regarding my system specs).

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